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Nightmare Town : Stories.

From "Red Harvest" to "Deadwood"

Dashiell Hammett. Twenty long-unavailable stories by Dashiell Hammett, the author of The Maltese Falcon and the incomparable master of detective fiction. In the title story, a man on a bender enters a small town and ends up unraveling the dark mystery at its heart. A woman confronts the brutal truth about her husband in the chilling story "Ruffian's Wife.

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In seven stories, the tough and taciturn Continental Op takes on a motley collection of the deceitful, the duped, and the dead, and once again shows his uncanny ability to get at the truth. In three stories, Sam Spade confronts the darkness in the human soul while rolling his own cigarettes. Three recent collections will give you most of them, and all the best and most popular ones and lots that are less popular, and some that aren't very good : Crime Stories and Other Writings , Nightmare Town , and Lost Stories.

After that you'll mostly have to go to collections from the s and s. Some of the early stories were published under pseudonyms, but I'll skip that level of detail here. Check the full bibliography. When the boy was six months old Paulette Key acknowledged that her hopes and efforts had been futile, that the baby was indubitably and irredeemably a replica of its father.

She could have endured the physical resemblance, but the duplication of Harold Key's stupid obstinacy--unmistakable in the fixity of the child's inarticulate demands for its food, its toys--was too much for Paulette. She knew she could not go on living with two such natures!

Nightmare Town by Dashiell Hammett, First Edition

A year and a half of Harold's domination had not subdued her entirely. She took the little boy to church, had him christened Don, sent him home by his nurse, and boarded a train for the West. Here is the full text of Hammett's second published short story, "Immortality" from 10 Story Book , November , as "Daghull Hammett" :. I know little of science or art or finance or adventure. I have never written anything except brief and infrequent letters to my sister in Sacramento. My name, were it not painted on the windows of my shop, would be unknown to even the Polish family that lives and has many children across the street.

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Yet I shall live in the memories of men when those names are on every one's lips now are forgotten, and when the events of today are dim. I do not know whether I shall be remembered as a great wit, a dreamer of strange dreams, a great thinker, or a philosopher; but I do know that I, Oscar Blichy, the grocer, shall be an immortal.

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He dedicated the remainder of his life to left-wing activism and anti-fascism. His first novel was Red Harvest , published in His final novel, The Thin Man , was published in All of his novels were originally published in 3-to-5 part serials in pulp magazines. Creeps by Night was also published as Modern Tales of Horror.

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