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Dark Magicians and the Gifted are always in conflict. The idea of Wells and Lifeblood sounds fascinating. Thanks again for the post. Joshua, I really enjoyed your post. I like the discussion of how magic affects the mundane and everyday life. Like you said, in a world where magic is widely available a large population of witches and wizards , it will be used for everyday tasks. As an example in our world, look at all the apps that have popped up for smart phones.

I think restricting who has magic and how it can be used makes for a more interesting story. Unicorn: Yeah, you definitely need to determine what the costs of the magic are and make that believable and solid before you get that final version of the novel.

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All magic should have costs or restrictions. And how are these people viewed by society? Are they hated, feared, revered? Vyton: I think you can have an interesting story even if everyone has access to the magic, but it becomes much more complicated to make that world believable AND you really have to figure out how your society would have incorporated it into their everyday lives, more so than if the magic is restricted to only a few. Feared, hated, revered, etc? So in either situation, you still have to do some serious thinking about the magic, the world, and the society.

Thank you for the post. How much is enough at the beginning? And, when does it become too much? Magic should help resolve problems, but it should never be easy and it should always have significant consequences. If someone can simply wave their hand and their problem is solved, then at that point the magic has overstepped the bounds of the story and either the problem needs to become more complicated in some way, or the magic needs to be toned down or the consequences of using it raised.

David B. Magical Words I'm gonna put my shoulders back and look you straight in the eye. Hi all, David here. Joshua Palmatier is Writing — Magic Systems as Characters Magic systems are essential to fantasy writing. Without some magic element — whether it is magic wielded by people or Benjamin, a college Friday Fun: Joshua Palmatier!

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Happy Friday, everyone! Please join me in welcoming Joshua Palmatier to the blog today!

I first January 13th, Tags: benjamin tate , joshua palmatier , magic , magic systems , special guests , worldbuilding. January 13, at am. Faith Hunter. Hepseba ALHH. January 13, at pm.

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  4. Faith Hunter January 13, at am Hi Joshua. PeterLast January 13, at pm Mr. Palmatier, Thank you for the article. TwilightHero January 14, at am A fascinating post. Unicorn January 14, at am Hi Joshua Thank you for a very interesting post. Unicorn Vyton January 14, at am Joshua, I really enjoyed your post. Keep those questions coming, guys! Jenny January 15, at am Thank you for the post. BenTate January 16, at am Shaman: Thanks for the cross-link! Varis has become a favorite character of mine. Palmatier manages to give a lot of time to character study without slowing the story.

    He has also mastered the trick of how to end a book leaving you wanting more. Probably won't get to the third book until May but I look forward to seeing where he takes us next. DBrigandi Jul 3, Again, I really enjoyed interviewing this author and I found this an engaging fantasy story. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist.

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      She and Eryn, the former Mistress, are haunted by a vision they shared in the madness after the White Fire, of an unknown enemy invading and destroying their city … more. No current Talk conversations about this book. I enjoyed the 2nd book of this series as much as the first. CSDaley Mar 28, The Skewed Throne simply felt.

      The entire book felt less like a book and more like the set-up for something bigger. If this were a TV show I could see this being the first episode, maybe first two. Anyway, Varis was an interesting protagonist to follow. She starts off the book at around 14 years old and gets older as the story progresses. Much of the focus around her life is about her thieving at first which was cool and all but also extensive.

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