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White collar mazdoor. May 27, am. Recommend 0. Latest stories. Kabul's 'irresponsible, unwarranted' statement on Durand Line runs afoul of Islamabad. Indus Motors shuts down plant. PM assures Saudi Arabia of support against any threat. US court asks Modi to explain Kashmir annexation. Is the PTI getting nervous?

Must read. There is right now a battle being waged for the soul of the Supreme Court. Muhammad Amir Rana. Images Staff. Power elites are neither empathetic nor do they promote peace narratives to curb divisiveness. Cyril Almeida.

White-collar worker

Bina Shah. For Sindh, the answer lies not in a one-stop centre. Ahmer Bilal Soofi. Irfan Husain. In the early s, Karachi was relatively small, clean and safe.

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Editorial September 22, Regrettable ordinance WHEN a law is passed surreptitiously, even if it is through a provincial ordinance that can only be in force for a Updated September 22, Climate emergency The climate march is a cry for help from experts, civil society, and the public to take action. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? He provides a few possible answers, one in particular that renders suspect the motivations of academics: in the current social hierarchy, in which white-collar workers are on top, the researchers, who are themselves the very white-collar workers they write about, benefit by maintaining the status quo.

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Navigating through a sea of blue-collar presuppositions. Preference for locals as neighbours. The results are reported in Table 3 and show that the largest employment effects are obtained from reducing workers' nonwage labor costs, especially for white-collar workers.

White-collar worker

Employment and deadweight loss effects of observed nonwage labor costs. Civic Report No. However, in the next five years, we expect to see more transformation in how people work than the last two decades.

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This completely new way of working with content has largely been driven by three converging trends - information moving the cloud, access to modalities and now artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Content is integral to business processes and companies have terabytes of data sitting in their content management systems.

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There is so much potential value in this content that has yet to be realized. AI and ML will help enterprises extract intelligence from this data to empower employees with the information they need to be more agile and make faster, smarter decisions. From our customers spanning the Fortune , use cases for AI are applicable across industries. The impact of AI and ML on work will allow employers and employees to scale solutions in ways that was not possible before. These emerging technologies enable workforces to spend more energy on deep thinking versus completing low value tasks like data entry. With work that can be automated, enterprises can redistribute talent resources and gain cost savings.

Patel: Both. AI will replace some jobs, potentially those that are centered around process-oriented repeatable tasks. It will also create new opportunities for people to apply their skills to more value-adding jobs and will ultimately lead to untapped industries. The challenge will be figuring out how to reach an equal level where jobs lost are balanced with jobs created.

This is not an easy task. It will take time and we must have retraining programs to help account for the jobs we will lose. If we look back just 10 to 15 years, we did not have as many industries or occupations that have evolved for our needs today, especially in the areas of security, privacy and compliance. Patel: We should approach this shift in work and jobs by consciously thinking about where workers will be able to re-apply their skills.

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If routine jobs that involve data entry and processing, or workflow patterns are fully automated, this frees up employees to focus on higher value, more impactful work. We can redistribute resources for people to do the things we do best and what technology can do best.

This is leads to more motivated teams working on the highest value problems that only humans can solve. Increasingly, it looks like whole classes of jobs will be lost. Your thoughts? Patel: It is true that some jobs will be replaced by technology.